Kanye Gives His Hip-Hop Opus….

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“I feel as a 36 year-old I’ve got to the point where I can really influence culture,” he explained.

Kanye West premiered “Yeezus,” his sixth studio record album, for a gathering of fans, celebrities and critics. Monday evening during what was both a listening party as well as public art exhibition. It’s this year’s major hip-hop release, however if you’re feeling that the pre-release buzz for Kanye West‘s Yeezus has confused you, well don’t be concerned – you’re definitely not alone.

 West furthermore put one specific point of misunderstanding to rest: “I want to explain something about the album title. Simply put, ‘West’ was my slave name and ‘Yeezus’ is my god name.”

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Album chart-toppers Daft Punk have labored on 3 or 4 tracks for the 10-track album which includes Black Skinhead, On Site and I Am A God. That particular ferocious spirit is fiercely evident within the songs of ‘Yeezus’ – it truly is, all in all, a big, darkish, politically referenced offering whereby West attempts to employ his authority and influence to help make an impression upon the planet.

 “I had to learn about giving, this whole album is about giving — this whole process is about giving … no f–ks at all. I have a new strategy, it’s called ‘no strategy.’ I have a plan to sell more music it’s called ‘make better music.'”


Yeezus is released on June 18 on Def Jam. There are no pre-release singles or pre-orders.

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