Rihanna Loses It And Swears At Fans – (After Snack Attack)

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 Rihanna Fumes As Fans Throw Chips In Snack Attack…

 ‘There’s a good crazy and there’s a bad crazy. ‘When you throw s*** up here, that’s an epic fail.  I wanna get your gifts but I don’t want you to knock my people out.’

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The 25 yr old Barbadian artist was singing in Manchester on Tuesday (July 16) as the unusual disturbance occurred.

The snack attack happened simply seconds just after Riri acknowledged the audience for reaching “the next level of crazy.”

“Were you throwing s**t at me? That’s an epic fail.”,  “I swear to god, cut that s*** out. Really, chips? Chips though? That’s that important?”

Fans may very well have become dissatisfied as the star ended up being 60 minutes late to the venue in Manchester, among her last European live shows just before she takes her Diamonds World Tour into Asia including China and the Philippines.

… and who can say just what she’ll have thrown at her there!

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