It’s Ya Boy… Jay-Z (Oceans 12, Magna Carta And Samsung)

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 Jay-Hova explains his deep lyrical content, on Samsungs app preview video…

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Samsung revealed their app for Jay-Z’s impending 12th studio record album entitled “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” on June 24th.  The video ended up being shot with Diddy‘s Revolt TV, showing the very Samsung app playing the 3rd instalment coming from Jay-Z’s short video series.

“I’m anti Santa Maria/ Only Christopher we acknowledge/ Is Wallace/ I don’t even like Washingtons in my pocket,”

 When it comes to his particular verses, Jay’s in total awe as to how far he’s come up, employing history books to be his measure. He just isn’t a huge fan of George Washington, or Christopher Columbus, however he really loves the Notorious B.I.G.

 “This water mixed my blood/ This water tells my story/ This water knows it all,”

 Wednesday (June 26), Jigga unveiled the lyrics to a new track using the Magna Carta phone app. “Oceans” befittingly has introduced singer/songwriter Frank Ocean, and also on the song, the “Big Pimpin'” MC reflects on the transatlantic slave trade making use of the ocean off of the Ivory Coast for his inspiration.

Besides Justin Timberlake, who also features on “Holy Grail,” Ocean, as well as producers Pharrell and Timbaland also show up on the album’s introductory commercial, his co-conspirators for Magna Carta Holy Grail had been held close to the chest. Nonetheless it looks as though Mike Will Managed To Make It, rap’s undeniably finest producer for 2013, worked tirelessly on “Beach Is Better,” the album’s 5th track.

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