Diddy In Revolt!!! (Cable TV Launch With Time Warner)

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American hip-hop superstar seeks to fill gap left after MTV ceased broadcasting music videos as the ‘first channel of the social media age’


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Created to be a multimedia platform for the emerging generation of artists and innovators, Revolt TV serves as a real-time, socially interconnected television network.  Visit the website at http://www.revolt.tv/.  Follow on YouTube (revolttv), Twitter (@RevoltTV), Instagram (@revolttv) and Tumblr (revolttv.tumblr.com).

 The network will be “the first channel created entirely from the ground up in this new era of social media,”

Revolt TV is going to be offered to Time Warner Cable subscribers once it launches during the fall. Such a extensive reach is extremely important for Revolt TV when achieving early traction in primary urban markets throughout America. Depicted as being a maverick television channel with the focus on music programming, live content in addition to a formidable social media facet, Revolt TV is scheduled to launch in Fall 2013.

“We’re building this platform for artists to reach an extraordinary number of people in a completely different way. Revolt will be live, like all great moments in television history.”

Combs publicized information on Revolt TV during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Wednesday, for an audience of industry executives, who he called for assistance in order to finance the channel.

 Combs proclaimed Revolt TV stands out as the first fully committed music channel for the digital age. United States cable behemoth Comcast will broadcast the channel on some of its network, whilst Time Warner is additionally believed to be serious about providing it a platform. Combs’s various other business projects outside of music incorporate drinks and fragrances.

“When I was growing up, I was watching television all the time — I used to wonder, ‘Why don’t those people look like me, or talk like me or walk like me?’ So thank you to Comcast; my hat goes off to you for being the first to step up,” he said while announcing the network via YouTube.

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