2 Chainz Breaking The Rules In California, Alleged Robbery & Drug Possession….

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2 Chainz, here are the deets on Sizzurp, Weed and the drug bust @ LAX….

It must really feel like a tough week so far for 2 Chainz and its still only wednesday. First off, the 35 year old MC dispelled claims in which he had been robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco Bay Area, in addition, on Tuesday (June 11), Chainz ended up being detained at LAX international airport and is going to be booked for the possession of marijuana immediately after he had been found with the drug inside terminal 5.

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“Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch , money etc. 2 answer that question,” he wrote on the social networking site.


As indicated by reports, the rap artist had also been transporting substances acquainted with sizzurp, the cocktail combination of promethazine and codeine fashionable in  hip-hop society.


“Rule#2 if a rapper gets shot he usually go to hospital or dies.”

2 Chainz — real name Tauheed Epps  dispatched yet another tweet declaring his passion for weed.


“Rule #3 We definitely got geeked up in San Fran, best smoke in the world, 2 blessed to stress” the rapper posted.

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