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Justin Gatlin out-guns six-time Olympian superstar Usain Bolt at the 100m in the Diamond League Rome.

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‘You learn more from losing. You can’t win every race in your career,’ says Bolt after Rome Golden Gala



The Jamaican Olympic champion, who has been dubbed “the fastest man alive” came second behind bronze medallist Gatlin in the 100m sprint.

Justin Gatlin out-guns six-time Olympian superstar Usain Bolt at the 100m in the Rome Diamond League.


Bolt had gotten a quick start however, Gatlin managed to run him all the way down as the finishing line approached, ending in 9.94 seconds.

 After the race, Bolt said: “I got the perfect start. Five steps in I stumbled a little bit.”


Bolt is most likely correct to not appear excessively worried. Last Summer, he had been defeated by Yohan Blake in the 100m and 200m at the Jamaican trials – nevertheless when things mattered most, in London 2012, the man claimed three gold medals. There does exist additional extenuation: this had been solely Bolt’s 2nd contest for the season – his first, the 100m in the Cayman Islands in May, had been executed in 10.09 – in which he experienced a slight hamstring muscle injury previously in the year.

“At any rate I got underneath 10 seconds this time,” he joked. Bolt later on tweeted: “believe me when I say #iwillbeback“.


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