Jigga (Jay-Z) And Beyonce Do The Big Apple For A Movie Date Night Out…

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Jigga (Jay-Z) And Beyonce  Do The Big Apple For A Movie Date Night Out…

 She’s presently performing in The Mrs. Carter Show world tour, appearing unbelievably sexy show after show. And so possibly Beyonce finds it problematic to relax when she actually does allow herself an inevitable evening off.

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Blue Ivy’s parents (Jay-Z & Beyonce) had been photographed looking comfortable and casually cool while they left the movie theatre, walking side by side while paps clicked away at the picture-perfect couple. They were strolling along Battery Park on their way to enjoy the new Iron Man 3 movie.

Beyoncé Knowles beamed a smile as she and partner, Jay-Z, exited a cinema while in New York with each other today.The happy couple are currently back in america following a huge event in the united kingdom yesterday. Beyoncé headlined the star-studded Chime For Change: The Sound of Change live show at London’s Twickenham Stadium. The big event introduced lots of superstars to the stage, among them Salma Hayek, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez. Beyoncé sang her new track, “Grown Woman,” plus got a special guest join her on stage — Jay-Z. Their NY night out was actually the second romantic occasion for the pair in as many days while Jay-Z placed a kiss on Beyoncé while they carried out their track “Crazy in Love” during the show.

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