Nicki Minaj Advertises Trinidad Carnival – BY TAKING TRINI CULTURE TO THE WORLD….

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Shot in, Trinidad and Tobago capital Port of Spain, Minaj’s video opens up to the sounds of steel pans recreating the starting notes of Nicki Minaj’s banging dance tune. Video Director Benny Boom fully captures the heady and intoxicating vibes of Trinidad Carnival, which also smartly advertises the popular event to her international audience….

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Trinidad’s world famous Carnival celebration usually goes down in February, but Nicki decided to bring a summer edition of Carnival to Trinidad for her new video.  Dressed in a traditional Carnival costume, Nicki Minaj danced around on set, as thousands of Trini people came out to support her.

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The video also has such a pulsating and primal feel, thanks to the painted dancers and the energy that emanates from the screen. It’s enough to make you want to book a flight to Trinidad and Tobago, stat.

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From the moment the artiste known as Nicki Minaj  ’s debut album,  Pink Friday, topped the music charts, it’s has been all virtually anyone could possibly speak about. Including business periodicals like, Forbes, Black Enterprise and the Wall Street Journal have all  undertaken to attempt decoding Minaj’s meteoric success and, understandably, so.


Dressed in a vibrant red costume, Minaj jumped up and danced along the streets of Trinidad with popular Soca artists Machel Montano, Fay-Ann Lyons, and Bunji Garlin.

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The blonde haired star was happy with the large turnout and thanked everyone for coming on her Twitter page. She said: ‘Just wrapped an amazing video on an amazing island. #Trinidad #poundthealarm.

‘The heat in Trinidad is on another level. O-o The girls in the vid are drop dead gorgeous & I’m not just saying it cuz I’m from here!’

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Set during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago–specifically, the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, and it’s got revelers of all sorts. It’s got fireworks and soundstages and all manner of partying…

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By repping her culture and country of birth, Minaj is smartly aligning herself with an already successful global brand in Trinidad Carnival….

Nicki Minaj – Pound The Alarm (Sexy Version)

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