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“The session hot and we wining so, My friends tell me they want to go But this party animal ain’t leaving till morning comes (Oh Nooo)        

(Chorus) Cause we gon Jump Up till Morning Hands up till morning Dance Dance up and Never Stop, Stop till morning. Jump up till morning (yea a)             

Hands up till morning Dance dance up and never stop stop till morning…..”

I know you all have your favourite Rupee tune, but this is mine. I was going Trinidad Carnival that year and the flight stopped in Barbados to drop off and pick up, this tune came on over the speaker system and the whole flight was just bouncing and singing in unison, it was just good vibes smiling just thinking about it….

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Rupert Clarke (born September 10, 1975), best known by his stage name Rupee, is a soca musician from Barbados

Spending his first years in England, he was exposed to a contrast of sounds which reflected his parents’ diverse backgrounds: calypso on the side of his West Indian father, pop and rock and roll from his mother. He and his siblings would often perform on stage, coming up with all sorts of chants, rhymes and antics to tease the audience.

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You have seen his music reach directly into the Billboard Charts Top 40 and also a number of leading charts all over the world. Through significant motion picture soundtracks such as After The Sunset feat Pierce Brosnan as well as Selma Hayek, TV super hit Desperate Housewives, to the video game franchise blockbuster Dance Central, Rupees music will continue to blow up all over the world.

Rupee is a breath of fresh air. Not only does he pioneer an open-minded and diverse approach to music but he is one of the most humble and instantly likeable musicians. While dancehall stars like Buju Banton and Elephant Man court controversy with purposefully inflammatory lyrics, Rupee appears grounded and respectful of the power that his position brings.

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“I try to have as much fun as possible,” says Rupee, “but I always also inject positivity. There are sensual moments, but it’s never overdone. I try to be responsible and create a vibe that’s about love and up-liftment. While I tell the audience to jump and wave and get all crazy, we also have to give thanks, and acknowledge the Almighty.”

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“I’ve been very blessed,” he said, “and people of the Caribbean considered me to be one of the top artists out there. I’ve created somewhat of a buzz there.” Rupee’s years of onstage experience, combined with the recent mainstream arrival of soca — dance music that combines Indian and island sounds with up-tempo percussion…

Source /Credit ~ “Alyssa Rashbaum, MTV.COM” Read more >>>

Rupee describes himself as, “a humble, God-fearing redman from Barbados.” His pride in his country is revealed in his anthem “I am Bajan”   He has worked with Sean Paul, Kevin Lyttle, Khatera, and Alison Hinds.  If the music “has the right vibe” this artist is “open to it.”  Rupee has also collaborated with popular artists well known to the American audience including Daddy Yankee, Lil Kim, and fellow Bajan Rihanna.

Source /Credit ~ “NICLOE SONNIER, EXAMINER.COM” Read more >>>

 Rupee has realized that there is a chance to take this music to the world, and ultimately open up opportunities for more artists and put the music genre on a worldwide scale. Being able to have the world as platform, as compared to only the Caribbean. Soca music and Caribbean music generally speaking, is simply the sort of music that does away with your stress, any worries or problems and uplifts you. The whole world really needs it, ya know……

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