The Absolute Best Place To Party In Germany, Berlin Carnival….

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During the Carnival of Cultures, tourists, as well as locals, can experience the unique cosmopolitan, multicultural and passionate atmosphere of Berlin Carnival.

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The Carnival of Cultures is a multicultural festival in Berlin , which takes place annually since 1996 at the Pentecost weekend around the district of Kreuzberg is celebrated. Promoted by the Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin. With the moves, the music and theater events serves carnival idea of a colorful, peaceful, and stressed tolerance demonstration of cultural diversity.

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In Berlin, as in Germany in general, Mardi Gras (‘Fasching’) is also known as the fifth and foolish season (‘die närrische Zeit’). It is a time of elaborate parades, masks, balls and the election of the Carnival king and queen and officially sanctioned madness.

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 The first rays of sun and signs of spring in the air mark the start of the countdown to the Carnival of Cultures. Earlier than usual this year, the Carnival of Cultures once again presents a great fusion and stimulation for the eyes, ears and hips. For four days visitors to Berlin can enjoy the very best of the city in a festival famous for its diversity. A regular event since 1995, the annual Carnival involves over 4000 actors, 90 groups, 60 nations and more than one million spectators.


Every summer, Berlin celebrates its own unique carnival, called the Carnival of Cultures – more than 1,5 million visitors flock to the district of Kreuzberg to celebrate the multicultural spirit of Germany’s capital.

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The vivid masquerade celebrations in Venice and Paris may be more high-profile and hype-tastic, but when it comes to a festive day of fun and gaiety, Berliners sure know who to celebrate Carnival!


Col­or­ful cos­tumes, beau­ti­ful people, cheer­ing and laugh­ing faces, the blue sky and the bright sun, the mind blast­ing music and per­form­ances as well as the raves full of young people are the sum­mary of what you can find in Berlin.

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