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Kitchener was also known as the Grandmaster of Calypso and the Road March King. Freewheeling and light hearted, the singer and composer emoted his vitality through a vast repertoire of songs, largely in celebration of life in the Caribbean islands.

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Lord Kitchener, whose real name was Aldwyn Roberts, wrote party tunes and pointed political statements, risque songs and reminders of heritage and history, singing in a voice that always seemed to convey a dapper wink.

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Lord Kitchener (born Aldwyn Roberts) shares with Mighty Sparrow the title of the world’s best known Calypso singer. He began his career in Trinidad and won his first Road March award for singing in 1946.

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Lord Kitchener was a musical pioneer and one of the greatest calypsonians to ever live, celebrated for his winning melodies and unique stage presence.

On one occasion, following a lavish celebration among the Chinese population in Port of Spain in October of 1945 to celebrate the bombing of Hiroshima and the subsequent defeat of the Japanese forces, Kitchener wrote his “Lai Fook Lee” tune for the carnival of 1946.

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Kitchener emigrated from Trinidad to London in 1948, where he discovered jazz—and wrote a very hip composition called “Bebop Calypso” praising Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Kitchener stayed in London throughout the ’50s, playing with jazz musicians and making numerous recordings that revolutionized calypso music

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Andrew Marcano, Calypsonian Brother Superior, once observed that every one in T&T; grew up listening to Kitch. But Kitch is more than a T&T; hero. He is indeed a Caribbean institution and genius who uses wry, saucy lyrics to describe events, personal problems, human frailties and political issues, with equal irony and wit. Over the years, his genius has appealed to commoners and royalty alike. US President Harry S. Truman himself led the applause for Kitchener’s “Green Fig,” and Princess Margaret reportedly purchased no less than 100 copies of the immortal 1952 release:

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The grandmaster Lord Kitchener is one of Trinidad’s best-loved calypsonians. With a career spanning more than 60 years, his songs continue to have their allure and are regularly heard at Carnival






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