The Euphoric Experience The Hollywood Stars Seek Out…

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Trinidad and Tobago was abuzz this season with the news that there were
Hollywood stars in their midst.

When you have pretty much everything most people dream of in life, fame, money, influence, success what do you look for in life??? Life experiences  is one answer probably. To enjoy new experiences, to challenge yourself, to experience new cultures,  to find yourself, to see new things  to eat new food  to learn a new language, or to party and just to have fun….

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‘Limin’ is a national sport in Trinidad, marked most pointedly by the annual Carnival, the Caribbean’s boldest and biggest street party, which explodes in a 48-hour burst of colour and calypso, and was recently graced by the king of cool himself, actor Idris Elba.

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Nicki Minaj the Trinidad-born hip hop artist, who was born  in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, performed alongside soca star Machel  Montano

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Former NY Undercover star Malik Yoba was in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival

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The 2013 Trinidad Carnival Ambassador, Tatyana Ali, mostly known for her role on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, flew in to Trinidad…

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Trinidad and Tobago country profile…>>>

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WOULD you like to dance?

In Trinidad, there’s only one answer to that as the steel bands strike up  their irresistible Caribbean beat.

Happiness is infectious here, spreading through the bars and beaches,  carnivals and calypsos.

You can feel the sense of fun the moment you arrive on this magical island in  the sun.

Particularly at this time of year as the “Trinis” stage what they regard as  the greatest show on earth… their annual carnival celebrations.

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Venture through the Caribbean paradise during its famous party season, and the sex-war paradox of soca-music dancing.

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