Public Reaction To ‘Batabano’ Will Leave You Floored… Cayman Carnival

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Cayman Carnival Batabano is a riot of colour, dance, music, art and creativity.

The word Batabano is linked to the Islands’ history in turtling and is the word given to the tracks left by turtles when they drag themselves onto the beach to nest in the sand.

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Carnival is a premier cultural celebration in the Caribbean – a kaleidoscope of music, dance and pageantry with roots mirroring the region’s diverse history of African and religious influences. Colourful costumes reflect the vibrant landscapes, heritage and culture, with the music the very rhythm of island life. Carnival in the Cayman Islands has a distinct flavour as the islands are home to a melting pot of over 100 nationalities – one country celebrating many cultures!

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Launched in 1983 by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, Cayman Carnival Batabano is held annually during the first week of May. A colourful and vibrant pageant held in May, Batabano features music, dance and spectacular costumes in true Caribbean fashion. Participants and districts join together to compete and showcase creative costumes, choreography and floats, attracting thousands of spectators to watch the parade wind its way along the streets. Like other carnivals in the region, Batabano mirrors the diverse history of African and religious influences, with Cayman having the added flavour of having more than 100 nationalities residing in the islands.

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There’s something special about Batabano that keeps on bringing us back every Year! Cayman Carnival has to be one of the sweetest carnivals in the world. While not the saga that is Trini carnival, the enjoyment that oozes out of the 4 days of carnival activity is sweeet tooo badd!

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Cayman’s Batabano Carnival is a true Caribbean tradition – a cultural kaleidoscope of music, dance and pageantry with roots mirroring the region’s diverse history of African and religious influences. The colorful costumes reflect the Cayman Islands vibrant landscapes and traditions, for the music is the very rhythm of life in the Cayman Islands. Batabano Carnival is the Cayman Islands cultural expression of the arts.

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“Batabano is a celebration of life, the masquerade – mas – bands and the parade are spectacular.”

The true nature of the festival goes beyond the Cayman Islands, and is proud to reflect the vibrant culture of the whole Caribbean region. At the heart of each Batabano is the mas’ (masquerading) band, and each band constantly tries to outdo the others with ever-more-imaginative and dazzling costumes. Some of the costumes, for example, are so huge they have to be wheeled on strong frames attached to the wearer. With wings as wide as the road, they make the wearer look like some kind of gigantic tropical bird. Another costume possesses an intricate and unique beauty, like the iridescent wings of some giant butterfly.

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“It’s a lot of colour, a lot of music, a lot of fun. Batabano has always prided itself on the fact that it has all these different nationalities. It really is a day of national unity.”

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Fresh Carnival to launch Batabano band: A brand new Batabano band is being launched.  #Cayman


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