Caribana: Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival… Aye Caramba!!!


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Caribana is a unique celebration of Caribbean culture that finds its Carnival roots in Trinidad and Tobago.

Toronto’s Caribana festival began in 1967 when the Canadian government asked the Caribbean community to get involved to help celebrate the Centennial year. It was organized by a group of ten Caribbean individuals living in Toronto. Their goal was to develop a platform to showcase the beauty, joy and music of Caribbean culture. Caribana weekend usually coincides with Simcoe Day (the first weekend in August), marking the abolishment of slavery in Upper Canada.

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Toronto is rich with street festivals, parades the liveliest of the lot has to be the grand parade of the festival formerly known as Caribana. The 45th such spectacle had all the requisite elements: pounding dancehall, soca and steel pan music, outrageously hot weather, feathered costumes of every colour, and coconuts, sugar cane, corn and jerk chicken at the finish line.

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Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto is an exciting three-week cultural explosion of Caribbean music, cuisine, revelry as well as visual and performing arts. Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto is an expression of Toronto’s multicultural and multiracial society.

Vibrant costumes and unceasing, infectious rhythm are hallmarks of Toronto’s Caribana Parade. The most well-known event of the Caribana Festival, the parade is just one more way that Toronto celebrates Caribbean culture for two weeks every summer. If you’re not a fan of crowds the parade may not be the place for you, but if you are a fan of joyous dancing, beautiful displays of artistry, and pure, unadulterated celebration, then read on and get ready to have a whole lot of fun.

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The entire event, which is one of the first Caribbean Carnivals along with those in New York City, Notting  Hill and Boston to be held outside of the Caribbean region, brings in over one million people to the shores of Toronto and over $400 million into Ontario’s economy, annually

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Caribana – Tribal Carnival. Baseline costume starts at $ 185.00 CAN


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